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Andrew Zimmerman Jones

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Andrew Zimmerman Jones speaks on a variety of topics and is a member of Toastmasters International. He has presented at libraries, schools, conferences, and radio broadcasts. He has appeared on Indiana Public Radio's All Things Considered (listen), nationally-syndicated Science Fantastic with host Michio Kaku, and the Baltimore-based talk-radio show Midday with Dan Rodricks (listen).

Below are some of the talks that he is prepared to speak on, although he can also customize related topics into a unique keynote talk for any event. Contact Andrew for further information about speaking fees. At his discretion, Andrew often provides discounts for schools and non-profit organizations.

String Theory & Physics Speeches

String Theory for Dummies ... in One Hour
A fast-paced presentation of the key elements of string theory, along with the implications presented by the theory and its major criticisms and alternatives.

String Theory for Students (in development)
Available for either middle schools or high schools, this talk can be presented over a series of days or fit into one single class session. It comes complete with related study materials, or the students can have access to a classroom.

Science & Religion: Is There Room for Reason & Faith to Coexist?
We live in a world governed by scientific laws, but many also feel that those laws leave no room for a supernatural creator. Is there scientific evidence for God? What are the rationale arguments against the existence of a divine being? Does a rational, scientific universe leave room for the divine to exist?

Other science topics:

Success Mentoring Talks

The Science of Success
By examining the most successful scientific concepts in our history, we learn more about basic principles of success. From physical topics such as leverage to the lives of scientists such as Stephen Hawking & Albert Einstein, the world of science provides many lessons about how to be successful.

The Business of Writing
Andrew presents advice to aspiring writers on how to brand themselves as a leading info-preneur - an entrepreneur of information. With topics ranging from tax strategies to suggestions on how to find an agent or publisher, Andrew provides an entertaining and engaging look at how you can become a writer in your spare time.
Radical Philanthropy: What You Get When You Give
Andrew believes strongly in the power of compassion, and has experience how charitable giving can reward you in return. In 2010, he and his wife gave away their entire income for 40 days, with astounding results. This presentation on philanthropy will leave the audience with a greater understanding of how they can personally benefit from the act of giving to others ... and why they should.