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Andrew Zimmerman Jones

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Writing Bibliography & Resources

Andrew Zimmerman Jones is an author of both non-fiction and fiction. Below is a list of his available writing, followed by some useful resources for other aspiring writers.



String Theory For Dummies
String Theory For Dummies is an accessible guide to the most complex scientific theory ever created. Told in the traditional "For Dummies" style, the book explores the scientific implications of this attempt to reconcile general relativity and quantum physics to explain the deepest mysteries of the universe, including black holes and dark matter.

Blogs & Columns

About.com Physics Guidesite
Andrew Zimmerman Jones has been the About.com Physics Guide since spring of 2006. In this capacity, he has written hundreds of blog posts, essays, news reports, and articles on physics-related topics for the general public.

The Philosopher's Stone
This is Andrew's personal blog, where he talks about whatever tickles his fancy, from his latest reading material to the nature of the universe to the role copyright plays in a writer's life. You never know what to expect, but you can expect it to be unusual.

Essays & Articles

"The Science of Heroes: Flying Men, Immortal Samurai, and Destroying the Space-Time Continuum"
Delving into the physical laws ruling the hit television series, this essay for Heroes and Philosophy: Buy the Book, Save the World, explores the way that some superhero powers might function. Portions of this essay are available for free on Google Books.

"Pseudoscience, Scientific Revolutions, and Dr. Chandra Suresh" (with David Kyle Johnson)
This essay (also from Heroes and Philosophy: Buy the Book, Save the World) explores the way that science and pseudoscience is practiced, and how these concepts manifest themselves in the televison series Heroes. Portions of this essay are available for free on Google Books.

"Exploring the Dark Side of the Rainbow"
This essay from Pink Floyd and Philosophy explores the philosophical implications of the (apparently unplanned) synchronicity between Pink Floy's Dark Side of the Moon and the classic film The Wizard of Oz.

"Fantastic Revisions: An Introduction to Fantastic Adventure Fantasy" - Internet Review of Science Fiction
An article outlining the sub-sub-genre of alternate history with fantasy elements. Available for free.

Robert J. Sawyer Interview
In 2001, I had the privilege of meeting and interviewing science fiction author Robert J. Sawyer. Rob is the winner of Hugo and Nebula awards, among many other honors and awards, and the author of the novel that provided the basis for the ABC television series FlashForward. Available for free.


Short Stories

"Diminished Capacity" - Abyss & Apex
During puberty, young Billy's mental powers resulted in a tragic injury ... the consequences of which have now landed him in a trial that will determine his fate. Can his new lawyer save him? Available for free.

"Empire of Silk, Empire of Flannel" - International House of Bubbas
The story that questions the old addage, "Only Nixon could go to China." After the collapse of society at the hand of a plague, when yuppie zombies rule the remnants of China, a bold redneck Emperor from the Good Ole U.S. of A. comes to set things right.

"The Secret of King Kong Mountain" - KidVisions webzine
Young Jennifer was scared of King Kong Mountain, but coming in contact with its secret inhabitants would prove a magical experience for her. Available for free.

"Abraham Lincoln's Children" - Chimeraworld #2
A scientist named Abraham Lincoln is obsessed with his "children," a colony of cockroaches bred for their intelligence. Not for the faint of heart. Available for free.

"Ascension" - Cyber-Pulp's Halloween Anthology 3.0
The prince is dead, and the king's bastard son seeks to rule over the Kingdom of Lakes in his stead. But a silent predator is arising from the depths on All Hallow's Eve, whose thirst may overcome the bastard's ambitions. Available for free.

"Mr. Ned and Dr. Ted" - The Four Bubbas of the Apocalypse: Flatulence, Halitosis, Incest, and ... Ned
Ned was a good ole' boy ... until a raid on a yuppie zombie tofu plant traumatized him to the point of having a complete personality reversal. Now his buddies have to try to get Ned back to his old self.

"The True Story of Pinocchio"
This story, written at age 15, takes the classic tale of Pinocchio in a new direction. Available for free.

"S.O.O.C.A.V. vs. the Zodlicks"
This story, written in the fourth grade, includes Andrew, his sister, a slew of talking animals, and an imminent alien invasion. Available for free, complete with original fourth-grade spelling and grammar.


"A Voice to Infinity"

"Lucifer's Choice"

"The Homeworld Poems"


"Jizm of Life"

Other Writing Resources

SFwriter.com - "How to Write" articles by Robert J. Sawyer

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America